Style, Social Media and Celebrity: How Keeping Up With the Kardashians Changed… Everything

“I think that everybody has their completely own demographic,” mom Kris agreed. She has been serving as de facto CEO of the family’s collective business for so long, and continues to do so, but now all of her girls are handling their own personal brands in the ways they see fit.  

“My kids all have to be their own COO,” she explained. “I might act as the CEO of a bigger picture and just weigh each thing as it comes in.”

And none of it works without authenticity.

With all the attention that she commands with something as simple as a “like” on Instagram these days, Kim walks a fine line between staying true to her beliefs and not unduly influencing something that isn’t all that important for her to speak out about. Social justice? Yes, let it fly. But if she doesn’t like a certain ice cream brand, she’s not going to contribute to a sales decline by saying that out loud. 

But ultimately, “I believe that people should be themselves,” she said, frankly.

That may sound like obvious advice, but it’s a motto that built an empire.

(Originally published June 21, 2020, at 12 a.m. PT)

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